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View Full Version : Sentinels of Shadowsong - Recruiting

02-10-2006, 11:17 AM
Sentinels of Shadowsong is currently recruiting.

SoS (Sentinels of Shadowsong) is a friendly and warm raidalliance. You will notice that in the minute you see us playing.

What do we raid?
We are raiding for 1 year now and cleared whole ZG/AQ20/ONY/MC/BWL.
Currently we're still focusing on BWL and starting to do AQ40.

Our main raiddays are:
Tuesdays 19.00-23.00: BWL/AQ40
Thursdays 19.00-23.00: BWL/AQ40
Sundays: 19.00-23.00: BWL/AQ40

On the offdays we do some MC/ONY/ZG/AQ20

What we are seeking are the following classes:
- Druids (Restoration build preferable)
- Rogues
- Warlocks

What do we seek in players?
We seek players who are friendly and teamplayers.
Players who can stand wipes.
Tier1/2 gear is a big plus but not needed.
Also BWL or higher experience is a plus.
Attuned to MC/ONY/BWL

If you think that you can help us then feel free to put an application on our website: