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View Full Version : MCO recruitment, open for Rogues!

16-09-2006, 11:25 AM

MCO is the longest standing raiding group on Shadowsong Europe (we started raiding Molten Core in May 2005). We currently clear ZG, RAQ (AQ20), MC and BWL, and TAQ (AQ40) up to Princess Huhuran and are currently just starting the grand pummel on the Twins. We are looking for dedicated, focused and curious players to learn together the remainder of AQ40 and the exciting new Naxxramas.

And the Rogues...

We currently have an opening for 2 Rogues in MCO. We are looking for people that know their class like the back of their hand. You need to have a positive attitude, be ready to try something new and not be flustered by an evening of wiping when learning the next new challenge.

MC/BWL experience/gear is prefered from applicants but if you think you can cut the mustard with your current gear then send an application to show your stuff.

As we are clearing AQ40 regularly, we expect you to be collecting Nature Resistance gear to join our Poison Wall.

How do you apply?

For further details on MCO visit our Information page, found here (http://www.moltencore.org/viewtopic.php?t=101). Further details on our recruitment requirements can be found here (http://www.moltencore.org/viewtopic.php?t=3601) along with information our our raid schedule and other things.
Please note that while it is recommended that new recruits join the MCO guild, it is not necessary if a player feels strongly about staying in their current guild.

Please send applications to recruitment@moltencore.org. Please follow the guidelines for applications on our website and make sure to include an Allkhazam or similar profile for your character.

Thankyou for spending your time reading this.