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View Full Version : Idol of the moon

28-08-2006, 12:59 PM
This is from a player on the US boards...

Does this really exist?
Yes, it's equipped on my character right now. I wouldn't believe it existed until that happened, but it did and it does.

How'd you get it?
I borrowed gold from a friend and bought it from someone selling it in the trade channel.

Does this mean it's really Bind on Eqiup?

How'd the person who sold it to you get it?
I dunno. Their English wasn't so good, and the main topic was the price. It has a required level 60 though, so don't count on it showing up as your average world drop. You're going to have to farm some high level elites or hope to get lucky on an UBRS run or similar.

How much did you pay?
I had heard it didn't scale with gear so my enthusiasm was low before buying. I talked the seller down from 500g to 300g.

Is it cool?
It's a one step forward and two steps back for Balance itemization.

WTF does that mean?
It doesn't scale with gear, and seems to be applied additively with the talents Imp. Moonfire & Moonfury.

So how much damage does it add to rank 10 moonfire?
It adds 5 dmg per tick with 0 +dmg gear equipped, and 5 dmg per tick with 440 +dmg gear equipped. So, +20 dmg over the duration of the DoT component. Since the tooltip for Moonfire (untalented) rank 10 reads "Burns the enemy for 189 to 221 Arcane damage and then an additional 384 Arcane damage over 12 sec." this is EVEN LESS damage than you would expect on the DoT component.
384 * 1.17 = 449.28 / 4 = 112.32 - (384/4) = 16.32 dmg per tick is what you would expect.
The initial damage range is so wide it's hard to tell how much it adds. In aboout 50 casts I established a range of 308-345 dmg. while wearing 440 +dmg, with 5/5 Imp. Moonfire & 5/5 Moonfury testing against low level mobs which I would expect had zero resists. I would estimate it adds ~12-20 dmg to the initial component.

Are you saying that this is not only underpowered in concept but possibly adding less than 17% dmg to the base of the spell?
Lemme summarize the results of my testing: The Devs shafted Balance Druids again, and we're expected to take it right in the anus because there are zero other Balance related idols currently in the game.

So would you recommend buying it?
Emphatically no. First, and foremost, because it sucks. Second, because refusing to buy it now means a lower price for you and every other Druid who later gets one. Finally, because we need to send messages to the devs that we're tired of being jerked off and we want the same head they give the Ferals, and maybe even some of the punani action Restoration gets.

Wow, you sound angry. Is there anything I can do to help?
Yeah--if you found this information useful, keep this thread bumped so people stop creating other threads about this crappy new item.

If this is true, meh...

28-08-2006, 07:28 PM
Got this in a zg run tested it went back to my rejuv idol after it - its nice for pvp i guess but other then that (n)