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View Full Version : -resist items not working on bosses.

09-06-2006, 09:18 AM
Appearantly higher level mobs(60+) have some base chance to partialy resist your spells even if they have 0 resistances. For boss level mobs its around 5% damage lost to partial resists.
This is probably Blizzards way to make you think that -resist items help, when they don't.
For now -resist gear is pure PvP stat.
Yes it helps shooting fireballs in MC, also helps killing whelps in BWL depression room, thats about it. It does nothing in AQ. The stat might be useful in some distant future when we get new instances with chromatic mobs.
End of Edit.

I've been testing -resist items for quite some time and it doesn't seem to work on bosses.

The Problem:

I put on -70resistances items(2x20 from rings, 20 from trinket and 10 from shoulders) and Eye of Moam trinket(-100res for 30 secs). I wait for Curse of shadows, activate my trinket, shoot arcane missiles and get partial resists. So this should mean that the boss has 245+ arcane resistance(Huhuran in this case). Same with all other schools of magic, tried using scorch, blizz, shadow wand, nature wand, frost wand etc.
245 - 75 from curse = 170 resistance which should result in about 42% damage mitigation because of partial resists. However we only get ~4-6% damage lost.

Possible answers:

1. Maybe -resist items don't reduce resist to 0 and you can still get partials?
-Tested this with my friends char, equipped 60fire res on him, shoot him with a few scorches, get partial resists. OK, i put on -60 resist gear, shoot him a lot, no partial resists at all. Seems just fine.

2. Maybe it doesn't work in PvE?
-Tested on Yetis in winterspring, -110res and i still get partial resists with blizzard or frost wand. -120 or -130 and i get none. Works fine. You can also check this in BWL depression room with all the whelps, -resist items give huge dps boost on those.

3. I also tried putting 180fire res on my friends char, shot him 1k times with a fire wand, got ~45% damage mitigation. Put -60 resist items on me, shoot him more, get ~30% damage mitigation just like it should be.

My Last Test:

I wrote a program which takes WoWCombatLog.txt file, parses it and shows how much damage each mage lost because of partial resists.
I was wearing -70resist items, others were wearing 0 or 10.

Arcane Missiles on Huhuran :
Vahu done = 143139 , resisted = 7033 , mitigation = 4.68 %
Jozik done = 199720 , resisted = 11654 , mitigation = 5.51 %
Dioscuri done = 120067 , resisted = 7031 , mitigation = 5.53 %
Bladi done = 87919 , resisted = 5556 , mitigation = 5.94 %
Nati done = 61585 , resisted = 3204 , mitigation = 4.95 %
Sorrow done = 52671 , resisted = 1781 , mitigation = 3.27 %

This isn't much data, but i even have more damage lost to partials than other mages.


I've done all this so we could value -resist items in our fixed price dkp system. I would say that -resists gear is only useful in PvP and depression room in bwl, it does nothing to bosses, at all. Either that, or bosses have some completely different resist system.

09-06-2006, 12:25 PM
Guess the guy has never been at the first boss in AQ40 :p