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09-06-2006, 09:15 AM
I've seen a number of threads recently on the boards pertaining to +spell hit chance and I've gathered some information for you which I hope will dispel some of the confusion. Please feel free to post your comments in a reply to this thread.

+1% spell hit chance increases the base chance for a spell to land against a target by 1%
If your target is the same level as you, a spell has a base chance to hit of 96%.
If the target is +1 level compared to you: 95%
+2 levels: 94%
+3 levels: 83% if the target is a mob, 87% if the target is a player.
+4 levels: mob: 72% player: 80%
+5 levels: mob: 61% player: 73%
If you wear a +1% spell hit chance item, the above percentages will increase by 1. +2% gives +2.

For binary spells only, there is an additional modifier for the resistance of the victim to your particular spell school: fire, frost, shadow, nature, arcane. That modifier is multiplied by your hit chance to get your actual chance to land. This is done with binary spells only, because they never do partial damage.

Eyonix the Mage (level 60) fires a frost bolt at Yeti of Doom (level 63). Eyonix is also wearing a total of +6% spell hit gear. Yeti of Doom has frost resistance such that he takes 50% from level 60 frost attacks. So, here’s the hit calculation:
0.83 (83% for +3 levels mob) + 0.06 (+6% spell hit) = 0.89
0.89*0.5 (50% damage from frost) = 0.445.
The game will roll a number between 0 and 1, and if it’s less than 0.445, the frost bolt will hit for full damage. Otherwise, a resist message will appear.

2nd Example:
After the resist, Eyonix decides to fire a fireball at Yeti of Doom. Eyonix still has +6% spell hit. Fireball is not a binary spell. Here’s the calculation:
0.83+0.06= 0.89
The game will roll a number between 0 and 1, and if its less than 0.89, the fireball will hit. Otherwise, a resist message will appear. After the fireball lands, the game will then apply spell resistance to determine a partial resist, if any. Assuming the yeti also has 50% fire resistance, on average, 50% of the damage will be resisted.

I hope that illuminates the impact of +spell hit gear on magical combat.

So, what's the deal with +hit? It seems that ever since Zul Gurub was released, there's been an increasing amount of items that have this as as tat instead of something useful as +crit or +dmg. It's an annoying stat that apparently takes up a lot of points on an item that could';ve been used for something useful, hell, even the ZG enchant for mages has forsaken 10 stam in favor of this. What the heck have the devs at Blizzard been smoking? We're not melee, we casters never miss!

Or wait, do we? The answer is, short and simple, "Yes, casters miss!" It's just not as evident, because instead of a neat little "Miss" message, we get "Resisted" which can also, more often, be caused by something completely different, such as, say, resistances. However, when Ragnaros starts resisting Frostbolts, it's evident something's wrong. The thing that's affecting here is our "miss-chance". This makes us waste a spell on nothing, thus 0 damage, so it should be evident to everyone that +hit suddenly has found a use. But how good is it? How does it work? Is there a limit on it's usefulness? This is what I'll be discussing here.

(1) How does hitting/missing work?

Taken from the US forums, http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=blizzard-archive&t=37&p=1&tmp=1#post37 we know that you have a 96% chance to hit. As levels increase of the opponent you lose chance to hit accordingly:

Same level as you: 4% to miss
+1 level compared to you: 5% to miss
+2 levels compared to you: 6% miss
+3 levels compare to you: 17% miss on mobs, 13% on players

It continues with 11% on mobs and 7% on players until you can't hit them anymore.

This means that at level 60 you will need 4% hit vs lvl 60 mobs and players to be sure you won't miss. However, as most high-lvl raiders, there's bosses. Raidbosses are concidered lvl 63 by the game, meaning you need a whopping 17% +hit if you wanna make sure you hit them every time!

A final note for this should be that, although there is no official response on this, it's rumoured that +hit is capped at 99%, thus no matetr how much you aquire, there's always 1% chance to miss. This has, however, not been stated by an official source, but I personally agree with the theory, evidence suggests it's correct.

(2) How good is +hit compared to other stats?

+hit is one of those stats that many people skip, because it's not visible. You don't get more crits with huge damage-points, nor does it increase your normal damage on spells like +dmg items do. The only thing it does is remove some of those nasty messages. So, does that make it better or worse than other available stats? Well, let's look at it. Assuming you're a mage with talents to ensure your critical strikes do 100% damage (well, 110% for fire, but MEH!) we'll do the following math:

Over the course of 100 frostbolts vs Ragnaros you'll do:

With 20% crit-chance
83 frostbolts that do 457.5 damage on average
20% crits that do 457.5 damage on average if you're specced for it, 228.75 damage if you're not (this applies to spells that you aren't specced for as well). This means each frostbolt deals 549 dmg specced on average.

For every 1% +hit you get, you'll hit with another Frostbolt. That means another 457.5 damage. You'll also have a 20% chance to crit, thus, on average, do an additional 91.5damage specced and 45.75 damage unspecced. This means, in the end, that every 1% to hit does, average, 549 damage specced and 503.25 damage unspecced. In comparison to +crit, it's superior, because this is AN ADDITIONAL 549 damage specced/ 503.25 damage unspecced. 1% +crit would "only" provide 457.5/228.75 damage extra.

With +100dmg
83 Frostbolts do (457.5 + 81.4) 538.9 damage on average

For every 1% +hit you get, you thusly hit with 1 more frostbolt, dealing exactly the same damage, this being 538.9 damage. Thereby, 1%hit is 1% more damage, which means, in this case, 5.389 +dmg to your frostbolts. As Frost is affected by the +dmg modifier 81.4, we divide it by this, coming to the conclusion that it's equivalent to 5.389/0.814 = 6.62dmg. It should be obvious that, like crit, the mroe +dmg you have, the more you'll gain from 1% +hit. The formula is:

((Average damage dealt / 100) / modifier) x ((crit%/100) x (modifier for crits(this is 0.5 for non-talented schools, 1 for ice with 5/5 Ice Shards and 1.1 for 5/5 ignite) for the particular spell. The more +dmg you have, the more +dmg 1% +hit is.

So, what's the result? Well, it really depends on your gear and your spec. As you can see, if you're not specced for optimal dmg from crits, it's better than normally vs a +crit. However, no matter what, +hit is always better than +crit for your overall DPS and concistency. For comparison with your +dmg gear, use the above formula to calculate the need for +hit stats. Please bear in mind that you only need 4% (3% if you believe in the 99% cap) for PvP at lvl 60, and that it's mainly for PvE that this stat is extremely useful!

Please note that missing and getting resisted due to resistances are two completely different things! This causes confusion, as resistances can also cause opponents to resist fully instead of partially (always fully on binary spells like frost). The message displayed in these cases is the same: . Why blizzard did this is unbeknownst to me, but hey- they did. Thus, things like Curse of Elements, Don Julio's Band, Rune of Perfection, Ring of Swarming Thought etc will NOT affect your chances to hit/miss. They WILL hoever lower your messages, especially for frost-mages who have a bianry spell instead of normal like fire, that can "just" have 25%, 50% or 75% of the damage resisted as well as 100%.

14-06-2006, 12:58 AM
this all mats etc are fin BUT we never know how it works exacly only blizzard know :) and ofc for mages + dmg > + hit > + crit > - resist..... in PvE :) i see this sow :)
if you go to higher LVL instance it must be more and more balance betwen +dmg +hit and stats ofc :) ... i see planty of mages that aim only for + DMG and when boss coem BUM they can do shit =P never liek this all mats =P

14-06-2006, 01:17 AM
this all mats etc are fin BUT we never know how it works exacly only blizzard know :) You're right. Too bad they didn't get anyone that actually works for Blizzard to write a post about it. Someone like Eyonix would be nice. I'm sure he would have reliable sources. But no such luck :(

14-06-2006, 12:09 PM
You're right. Too bad they didn't get anyone that actually works for Blizzard to write a post about it. Someone like Eyonix would be nice. I'm sure he would have reliable sources. But no such luck :(

You want one of the clueless CMs to actually get his act together and help his community? As far as I knew he never bothered to do anything remotely constructive. I clearly remember him "helping" the mage community with his pov from a lvl 20ish char...

And other than that, the fact the Blizzard CMs don't even know how int adds to spellcrit% tells me enough really, as they managed to state 2 different explanations for that one.

Honestly, the freaky fanatics seem to know more about the game mechanics than Blizzard representatives and that's hilarious imo.

That said, I still wouldn't want his job.