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View Full Version : IoF needs more additions

24-05-2006, 12:08 PM
Insanity of Fate raiding guild is looking for more additions
currently looking for more priests, warlocks mainly, other classes ofcourse also intresting depending on experience and overall skill. we want active players that can play alot.

we have planned raids 3-4 days a week and raid ZG/AQ20 on "off" days.

we currently raid BWL, MC, Onyxia, ZG and AQ

If this sound intresting visit http://www.insanityoffate.com or give respective CL a whisper ingame or apply through webpage:D

CL are:
Rogue: Corvin
Hunter: Jahimees
Priest: Ciria
Druid: Nyaruu
Warlock: Leokanta
Mage: Zarcon
Warrior: Kempes
Paladin: Hermenegilda

See you all ingame - Zarcon