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View Full Version : Addons for Shammies?

19-01-2006, 09:49 AM
So I rolled a shammy last night...

I'd been watching the Ioneye video and it looked like a lot of fun so say "Hello" to Jinks (http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?761542).

Here's a story about my first night.

At level 8, I was off killing cougars and stalkers and a call came over local defense saying Bloodhoof was under attack. I thought I'd have a go (knowing full well I was gonna get ganked) and ran over to the village. When I got there, there were NPCs laying dead all over the place but no alliance. Then there was a call that Stonebull Lake was under attack. I ran over to the fishing trainer only to find a level ?? night elf rogue standing over his corpse. The rogue clocked me and waved. I waved back, dropped a totem and started winding up my first spell. Needless to say, I died after one hit.

I released and ressed (still pvp flagged of course) and headed back into the village to find the rogue. He found me! He stealthed and one hit later, I was dead.

So I released and ressed again and then another call went out that Bloodhoof was under attack. I saw some movement near the shaman trainer and ran over. Trainers were laying dead on the ground and the guards were busy hammering on the rogue. I dropped a totem, hit her with earth shock and she went down. Honorable kill: Private! w00t!

These shammies are fun :)

So can anyone recommend some shammy specific addons. I'm after addons to keep my buffs up and timers for my totems specifically.

19-01-2006, 10:33 AM
I really wouldn't bother with the auto buffs because lightening shield & WF uses a lot of mana, and if that mana would be otherwise used for staying alive: dead shaman.

19-01-2006, 10:43 AM
Oddly enouth I don't have many shaman specific addons either.

AnkhCooldownTimer (you never know)
CTRaid for:
- CT_BuffMod
- CT_ItemBuffs
- CT_PartyHealth
- /racure
ShamanPartyHeal (seems handy in 5 man)
SpellAlert (so you know when to earth shock)

I wouldn't bother with totem addons since they too cost mana and are very situational.

19-01-2006, 01:19 PM
The only 2 Shaman-specific ones I can't live without are Totem Timer and Ankh Cooldown Timer.

As for keeping buffs up, don't worry - casting Lightning Shield and Windfury/Rockbiter every 5 mins soon becomes second nature!

19-01-2006, 01:31 PM
I agree with Arkisha, Totem Timers (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=565) is one of the most useful addons by far.
Hasn't been (officially) updated for the 1.9 patch though, so you'd need to update the toc file :)

Its not flawless, but the majority of the time it seems to work ;)

13-02-2006, 11:03 AM
Aye, only use Totem Timers myself!