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View Full Version : Forsaken Crusaders looking for friends to come to MC

03-01-2006, 12:32 PM
We are looking for a couple of guilds, to form a alliance to run MC with.

I've done some homework guildwise and see the majority of guilds are all tied up with someone.

Now as we are a fairly large guild with 40+ 60's, i believe that noone has room for us in their plans so its time to organise it ourselves.

note: our 60's break down is less then ideal,

Hunter: 7
Mages: 4 (1 with prior commitments)
Priests: 5 (1 with prior commitments, 1 heavy pvp with commitments, 1 casual player)
Rogues: 4 (2 regulars, 1 *i think* very casual and maybe 1 just hit 60)
Shaman: 4
Warlock: 8
Warrior: 9
Druids: 0

So i would greatly appreiciate some advice or a point in the direction of some guilds who'd be interested in running with us. Or if you are a guild who would be interested please post here or find me in game.

Unless anyone has room for in their plans for us, either way thanks for your time.


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03-01-2006, 01:53 PM
just get some druids and try go it alone, its a nice challenge and its best within your own guild.

Hey who knows? When you start doing MC other people might take an interest and flock to your guild like OTD.